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Warning! Internet Scammers Hitting The West Midlands

We have today been contacted by a family from Walsall, they are one of the many victims of internet scammers selling non existant puppies and in the process duping the unsuspecting out of hundreds of pounds.

Here is a copy of email received from the Walsall family:

could you please make people aware of various pet scams that are going around we were one of the very many people which have been caught out by one of these scams we payed £200.00 for a puppy which we were supposed to have received last night and then again this morning but the supposidly couriers emailed us asking for a further £322.00 for pet insurance and a vacination which we did not pay as we found out that because it was only comeing from scotland to walsall we did not need and also phoned where the puppy was supposed to be and they had no recolection of it at all can't get our money back either so from now on only going to get a dog from a reputable seller or dog pound which is where we had our last dog from was only getting another one because he is lonely and would like a companion so got to save up again to get another one don't know how these people can sleep at night there mongrels and need shooting so hope you can help me by posting an ad to warn people

Whilst we do not promote breeding because we are very rescue orientated. We are realistic and understand that it may not be suitable for you. So here is our advice and guidance when surfing the internet for a puppy.

Dont be fooled by the cute photos that accompany these adverts. They have probably been stolen from other websites.

Do your homework, look around and note the average price for the puppy you want. All scams offer expensive breeds and ridiculously low prices this is why so many people fall victim to them.

One of the most common factors in these scams, is the command of the English language, it is very poor and sometimes the terminology used is not really relevant to the UK.

Never ever part with any money without physically seeing your puppy and its parents.

Never ever pay via Western Union, MoneyGram or any other international transfer facility.

There are very simple checks that can be done to ensure that you are not about to be scammed by these horried people.

Always remember GOOGLE is your best friend. Use the search engine to check out any contact email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses. Just simpy enter a telephone number, email address and click search. You may be amazed at what you will find!