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General Information

Accessing Emails

Copy and paste the following link into your internet browser.

User name is [email protected]

Password is x25xjK133m?

It is probably best if you bookmark the link once you have visited then it will be easier for you to find.

You can download the emails to your own email client, however, you will still have to log into the webmail to file it 

FacebookTeam Chat Boxes

You will be added to TWO team chat boxes, one for lost and one for found.

When you are available to post an alert, please post in relevant chat box so the rest of the team knows whats happening.

Feel free to ask questions in the relevant boxes.

Facebook Page Messages & Notifications

Missing and found dogs

When it actually works, anyone messaging our pages will receive an automatic response. Basically it tells them what to do if they need our help, pretty straight forward. As you progress you will soon see that many people message our page but then dont follow our instructions, not completing the form etc. Without the form we do not offer any assistance. So heres how to deal with situations like this.

Request the person to complete the form firstly.

You are able to see when the person has read the initial message. If no form comes in after a few hours, ask them to complete the form one final time.

Wait again, if still no form, then send to the done folder. Dont waste any more of your time, its precious.

Once we have the form, we can offer them advice and guidance. All of which is on our website info centre.

Heres a link to the page

Its your choice whether you send them the above link or whether you break the info need down into a chat message.


If someone messages saying they have found one of our missing dogs or are the owner of a stray dog. Always ask them for a contact number and then post in the relevant chat box for further advice until you are familiar with our full processes. Sadly we do have some unscrupulous people on our pages that either try to claim a stray dog that doesnt belong to them or try to obtain money from missing dog owners.

Please note any reunited missing dog will be transferred to our happy tails by senior admin. Found dogs are not moved, they remain on found dog page forever.


You will see a number of notications appear on each page, the new page inbox shows you comments made on each alert. If a comment needs a response please do so in a courteous and professional manner. Others will be people sharing. Once you are sure the notifications have been dealt with simply click

Mark all as read. If you are unsure ask for help in the appropriate chat box. Note - any highlighted information requests pop up please ignore them.

REMEMBER - if unsure of anything, dont be afraid to ask questions.

Local Dog Wardens & Other Organisations - Contact Info

We have a dedicated page on our website called the Info Centre, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PAGE.  

General Admin

We do have a private group for all of our work, once you have settled in with the alerts, you will be added to that group to partake in team/organisational discussions.

Dangerous Dogs Act 

Under no circumstances should any of the team except for Jennie Dhanjal advise on the Dangerous Dogs Act, specifically dogs that are seized by our local police forces.