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Updated 14.07.20 - reunited update change to edit

Lost Dog Information/Training Page

There are two different types of forms that will come through to the alerts email account.

1. Form 1 - from members of the public (owners)

2. Form 2 - from K9 admin where info is taken via phone.

This information is then transposed into an alert on our Lost Dog Facebook page

We have a standard format for our Lost Dog Alerts and that is as follows:

MISSING from (Road Name, Area, First Part of Postcode) on (01.01.17)

DOGS NAME, Breed, gender, age, colour, coat type


COLLAR - (YES OR NO) followed by collar colour and whether there are tagged details

(Any additional or applicable information can go here)

CONTACT K9 SEARCH UK on 07988 433187, email [email protected] or message us via page messenger

Any applicable additional information can be included in the alert on a new line after COLLAR details

Added - 29.05.19 - If a missing dog is nervous please add the following in the additional information line

NERVOUS DOG - if sighted DO NOT attempt to contain, simply note the date and approx time, road name/nearest landmark and direction heading. Then contact K9 via our Facebook page messenger or text information to 07988 433187

Email Account for Alerts

Email address is [email protected]

Account password is    x25xjK133m? 


Is your dog : [MISSING]

Missing from - Road Name : Turton road

Missing from - AREA : Princess end tipton

Missing from - First Part of Postcode : Dy4

Date of Loss : 20/7/17

Dogs Name : Minnie

Breed of Dog : chihuahua

Gender : [Female Entire]

Age : 1

Colour : Light cream

Coat Length : [Short]

Coat Type : [Smooth]

Tail Type : [Full ]

Is your dog microchipped? : [YES - upto date]

Microchip Number (if known) :

For recently microchipped dogs (in past 2 months) : [I have received confirmation from the database that the microchip has been registered.]

Is your dog wearing a collar? : [NO]

What colour is the collar? : What colour is the collar? can't be blank

Is there a tag on the collar : [No tag on collar]

Does your dog have tattoo identification? : [NO]

Is there any further information you would like to add? : Please help bring our baby girl home

Add details of identifing features, scars or markings : Add details of identifing features, scars or markings can't be blank

How did the dog go missing? : Thought a break in the fence must have happened last night we did not notice

Are you the : [Owner]

Owners Full Name : Sarah Louise bradley

Owners Contact Telephone Number : 07565087175

Owners Full Postcode : Dt49lw

Owners House Door Number : 112

Owners Representatives ONLY - your full name :

Owners Representatives ONLY - Your Contact Number :

Your Email address : [email protected]

I will be sending a photo via : [via Facebook Page Messenger]

Have you notified the area dog warden? : [No, I need help with this]

How did you hear about us? : [A friend]


Name : Jennie

Date & Loss area : BADGER STREET, UPPER GORNAL DY3 ON 21.07.17

Dogs Name : BUSTER



Colourings, coat type etc : WHITE WITH BLACK MARKINGS

Identification & collar etc : [MICROCHIPPED UPTO DATE]

Microchip Number :

Photo via : NO PHOTO

Firework Related? : [no]



Owners phone number : 07522774624

Owners postcode & door no. : DY3 1PT (6)

Warden Notified : Yes


Where possible we like to use actual photos of the missing dog. There can be a delay in receiving images from owners. Where we know that an owner is sending one through its best to way about an hour, if its not received then do the alert with a K9 standard lost dog image (see image). There are occasions where owners have no photos, then just simply post alert with standard image.

All missing dog photos to be watermarked with The reason for this is because we found some people copy the photo and post as their own, no problem really until they get info on the missing dog and then cannot remember where the original photo came from. Watermark ensures the photo can always be tracked back to ourselves.

Stolen Dog Alerts

To accept a stolen dog report it must be accompanied by the following:-

Crime Reference Number & Police Force dealing

Photograph of dog - if no photo please speak to Jennie

If this information is not provided by owner, then we class as a standard missing report.

Information provided, the alert format is as follows:-

STOLEN from (Road Name, Area, First Part of Postcode) on (date)

DOGS NAME, Breed, gender, age, colour, coat type


COLLAR - (YES OR NO) followed by collar colour and whether there are tagged details

Crime Ref - (details) Station Dealing (details)

CONTACT K9 SEARCH UK on 07988 433187, email [email protected] or message us via page messenger

Do not post alert unless it is accompanied by an actual photo, wait for it.  

Alert Posted - What to do next?

We have a private Facebook group, the members consist of the K9 team, local authority dog wardens, stray kennel staff, RSPCA, PDSA, Police, vets staff and local rescues. You will have noticed that all missing/stolen alerts are published with the K9 telephone number. Now there are times when the K9 phone line may not be answered, there is a message telling folk how to make a report. However, those in this group may need to access an owners contact details so for that reason the lost/stolen alerts are shared to this group with the owners contact information.

To do this, its simple

1. From lost dog page, click on the photo of the dog you wish to share.

2. Click Share, this will open a new window with a drop down box at the top.

3. From drop down box, select Share in a Group

4. In the space type in K9 Missing Dog - Owner Contact Details, you will see the group come up and a text box

5. In the text box copy and paste in the owners actual contact details and the name of the dog.

6. Then click post.

Using the Text App send text to owner confirming alert

Once alert has been posted and shared to owner group, go back to email account, move the form from the inbox into the relevant actioned folder.

Alert Updates

When a missing dog is reunited

1. Click on photo of dog, then click on edit

2. Type at top of alert K9 UPDATE (date 01.01.01) - REUNITED, thank you for sharing! Then leave a line space between the update and original text.

3. Remove the road name leaving just area and postcode

4. Click Finishing Editing

5. Now go to owner contact group and delete the alert from the group.

6. Log into emails, go into SEARCH, at FIND MESSAGES IN FOLDER please select Lost Dogs Forms Only, then at BODY enter dogs name and click search. Ensure you have the right form and move to TRASH.

To add more detail to an alert

1. Click on photo of dog, then click edit

2. Edit main post - K9 UPDATE (date 01.01.01) - enter your text

3. Click Finishing Editing

General and Other Information

1. All of our pages have private message facilities. If you are asked questions and you dont have the correct answer/information please contact one of the team for advice.

2. Occasionally, people will post comments saying reunited, be careful only accept a reunification if it comes from the owner or their representative. If you cannot confirm its the dogs owner please contact one of the team for advice.

3. Never pass on owner contact details without consent from Jennie or a senior team member.

4. Our website has an information centre which carries the contact details for local authority dog wardens and other local contacts. If an owner needs help with you can either send them a link or search the information they need and pass it on via email, facebook messenger or as a last resort the Text App.