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Meet Rocky

Meet Rocky, he was found as a stray and collected by Sandwell MBC Dog Warden Service. Kennel staff were shocked by what they saw, a little pup with deformed front legs who was clearly struggling to walk. We immediately requested permission from the local authority to take him under our wing and place him into one of our foster homes. On 11th January 2011, Rocky was transported to his new foster mummy Karen. Everyone that came into contact with him couldnt understand how such a disabled pup could be so full of life and energy. He fell, he stood up, he slipped, he got back up, nothing stood in his way. We were all worried that the damage to his limbs were irrepairable. We decided to give him a few days to settle down before getting him seen by a vet.

Two days after arriving with Karen, Karen started to notice changes in Rocky, his legs appeared to have straightend a little, his wobbly walk was steadying, and he is still full of spirit.

Yesterday 17th January 2011, Rocky paid his first visit to the vets, he was a very good boy for his first vaccination. Vets gave him a thorough examination and in their professional opinion they think Rocky may have a calcium deficiency from poor diet and may have been confined to a small space thus stopping his legs from forming correctly. Because of his progress since he arrived with us, the vet has agreed to monitor him over the coming weeks.

Rocky is not out of the woods yet, but things are certainly looking a little brighter now.

We will bring you regular progress reports from Rocky and his foster family soon!

20th January 2011

From Rocky and his foster mummy Karen, photos courtesy of Alan.

Hello Everyone, I dont really understand how I came to be in the alley where I was found. Did I wander off and get lost? Was I a naughty pup that was too much for my owner? Or was is it my deformed limbs that frightened people away or the thought of the expense involved?

My finder took me to the PDSA at Quinton where they called in the Sandwell Dog Warden Service to pick me up. I was taken to a kennels where I stayed for a few days. That place was just so big, they looked after me well but it was all too over-whelming for me. Then on 11th January, I was collected once again, another journey, where was I going now? It soon became apparent...........

Oh this human smells so sweet, shes so gentle and kind and not phased by my poorly feet. Holding me gently in her arms, she gives me lots of cuddles to reassure any of my nerves. Is this heaven?

No, these arms belong to Karen one of the K9 Search team that offered to take me into her home when she heard about my plight. Karen keeps telling me what a beautiful boy I am, and how soon I will be able to run around just like the other pups but without falling over. She has given me so much in the few days since I arrived here, lots of yummy food, treats, brand new bed, and lots of toys. But in her arms are my favourite place.

Meet my play mate Tigger he doesnt say much really, but he always lets me play rough and tumble. Its working can you see the difference, my legs are getting better, slowly, slowly though I am not rushing this, as I really like it here.

Look at my legs now! Can you see them, they are so much better. The lovely man at the vets Pete says I am not out of the woods yet but I am progressing. Ive got to go back and see him again in 2 weeks. He gave me an injection, hope I dont have to have too many of those.

Well, got to call it day now, Mums calling me for my dinner. Hope you like my new jumper, just greatful it isnt pink! Chat soon everyone.

Love Rocky


2nd February 2011

Hello my friends, how is everyone?

Well Monday I went to see Pete the vet, again he gave me yet another injection but Im told thats my last for a year. So Im fully vaccinated now so I wont get any nasty diseases. Pete said he is impressed with my progress, the concerns he had with my hips is no more. I dont like the cold weather too much.

Wednesday I went to visit K9 headquarters and what a greeting I received there. Jennie and Angie are well impressed with my legs, I think I heard the word gobsmacked. The K9 kids Jai, Simran & Shaan are my new friends, they played football with me. I tried to outwit them but they are smart kids. I tried to pinch the kitchen roll but they rumbled me. Then playtime on the sofa with Jai..........whoops head butted Jen but she didnt grumble.

Jennie has said its now time for me to move on to pastures new, shes right though, I am getting too fond of my foster mummy. So what happens now I wonder, all I know is that these guys wont let me down and they will be looking for someone very special to look after me permanently.

Ooooh its almost my bedtime, see you all soon.

Nite, nite everyone



Thursday 10th February 2011

Hi Friends, hope you are well and keeping up to date with my diaries. Ive got some hot gossip for you. I heard Mum talking last night, it seems another little puppy has been found close to where I was found. Puppy also has the same leg problems. I have been mooching around and Ive seen the photos. Anyway, this is Roxy, I think she maybe my sister, what do you all think.?

Ive heard that Roxy doesnt like being in a big kennel alone, so Ive had a personal chat with the K9 crew and they have managed to find a local rescue to take her in. She will be going into a nice foster home like me very soon. Will update you all when I hear more.

Take care everyone



 11th February 2011

Roxy landed at K9 HQ yesterday, here are some pics from her photo shoot. She certainly looks like me just a little smaller.

Roxy is now with her foster mummy Gail and under the care of Wildacre Animal Rescue. Will get you updates as and when we can.


 17th February 2011

Hello my friends, hope you are all well?

The time as come for me to leave the nest of my foster mummy, I am now looking for someone special to give me a forever home. I do have a few thoughts on this myself though, I would prefer to go to a home where I have another doggy to play with and learn from. I love playing with kids, but I dont want to live where there are very young children, Im a little too bouncy for them. I am very loving and would prefer someone to be at home with me most of the day. I am still having few problems with toilet training, I suppose its to do with me being confined in one place for such a long time in my early weeks. But I will get the hang of it slowly but surely.

I am already fully vaccinated, I will be neutered and microchipped before going to my new home. A home check will be carried out and vets references maybe also be sought.

If you can offer me a new home please email the K9 team [email protected] with your details and they will contact you for an informal chat.

Love Rocky xxxxxxxx


We knew it, Karen knew it, Rocky has been offered a permanent home with his foster mum Karen. Karen we cannot thank you enough, we are sure Rocky will give you years of licks, wags and cuddles.

We also have news on Roxy, Roxy has also been offered a forever home with her foster mummy too. A big thank you to Angie of Wildacre Rescue for taking Roxy into your care.


As Rocky progressed through his adolesence, it became clear that something wasnt quite right. Rockys face started to twist out of proportion and also suffered with bouts of aggression which worsened as time went on, with his aggression becoming completely unpredicatable. We arranged for behavioural and veterinary assessments, their findings were not good and we were told that Rocky was suffering from not just pain but brain issues and we were advised to put Rocky to sleep. We were obviously all gutted, but we all knew we couldnt let him continue suffering to keep us all pain free.

Rocky went peacefully in the arms of his foster mum Karen.

Rainbow Bridge now has our special boy, he who will remain in our hearts forever.