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The following are a list of unclaimed strays that are looking for URGENT rescue placements.

All dogs are based in the West Midlands area

No home offers - rescue placements only

Updated 10.03.23



Name - Scamp

Breed - Lakeland

Gender - Male Neutered

Age - 4 years

Microchipped - unknown

Dog Tested - vocal will need more work in this area

Additional Information -

Scamp was adopted but returned after it is alledged that he nipped a grandchild. Kennels have never had any issues with Scamp, they describe him as "mega cute"


Name -THOR


Gender - MALE

Age - 1 YEAR

Microchipped - YES

Dog Tested - YES no other dogs but see additional info

Additional Information - Thor is a very nervous sweet boy looking for a patient home, He come into our centre as a stray so much of his history is unknown. We have noticed Thor is quite fearful over other dogs and will react if he feels uncomfortable, because of this he is looking for a adult only home with no dogs or visiting dogs. Whilst in our care he has slowly warmed up to our female K9 carers but is still a little weary of males. Thor is incredibly smart as he knows Sit, gives paw and lie down, and will make a great addition for somebody that has a lot of love and patience to give.





Age - 2 YEARS

Microchipped - YES

Dog Tested - YES no other dogs but please read additional info

Additional Information - Stryker is a sweet boy who can get a little nervous from when you first meet him but soon comes out of his shell. He is a very strong lad who will pull forward on his walks when he sees something that he is interested in.

His main motivation are toys as he loves all different types, but he can become possessive of these at times. He will allow you to fuss him whilst he plays but you will need to swap toys and allow him to leave his previous toy before being able to pick this up. Also, when it comes to treats Stryker can get a little impatient and will try and take these from your hands, so due to this he would benefit from some basic training to understand a wait and then reward approach.

Stryker would benefit from being the only dog in the home due to being under socialised. He would also be best in an adult only home who understands German Shepard breeds and there needs to be kept stimulated and help continue with his training.


Breed - KANGAL

Gender - MALE

Age - 8 months

Microchipped - YES

Vaccinated - pending info

Dog Tested - needs further socialisation 

Additional Information - from speaking to the breeder thats registered on the microchip we have been able to establish that Zeus has had at least 3 homes in just 8 months. Hes an extremely large (41kgs) and playful boy. Ideally a rescue with either Kangal or large breed experience.


Breed - Boxer Cross

Gender - Female

Age - 18 months

Neutered - pending info

Microchipped - YES

Vaccinated - YES 

Dog Tested - YES somewhat nervous of dogs but with right socialisation she could possibly live with another.

Additonal Information - Eve is looking for a calm and quiet, adult only home with owners who have had dogs before. Eve can be initially worried by strangers and does need a gentle and slow introduction in getting to know new people. Has experienced some food guarding, needs an understanding home.


Breed - German Shepherd

Gender - Female

Age - 12 months

Neutered - pending info

Microchipped - YES

Vaccinated - pending info

Dog Tested - pending info

Additional Information - This poor girl needs out of kennels a.s.a.p. She has some strange habits from living outdoors on a chain.  Licking and digs at the floor. She is described as having a perfect temperament


Breed - French Bulldog

Gender - Male NEUTERED

Age - 18 months

Vaccinated - YES

Microchipped - YES

Dog Tested - YES can be unsure could possibly live with a calm neutered female

Additional Information - Blue does not like to be over handled. Needs a patient person. Does resource guard.



Gender - MALE

Age - ?

Vaccinated - YES FULL

Microchipped - YES

Dog Tested - YES fine with other dogs

Additional Information -

Romeo is a big steady boy described as a babe.