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Monday 24th June 23.39 - Becky Parsons - Maggie & Pablo

Date & Loss area : Hopwas Woods, Tamworth B78 on 23.06.19

Dogs Name : See below

Breed : See below

Sex : see below

Colourings, coat type etc :

Pablo, male, Pug, black with white on chest, 8 years

Maggie, Pug Cross, female, brown, black shadings, one white front paw, 6 years

Identification & collar etc : [MICROCHIPPED UPTO DATE]

Microchip Number :

Collar Colour & Description : Pablo red tartan harness & Maggie red/white frilly harness no tags

Photo via : FB Messenger

any other info : Was being walked in the woods, with 3 other dogs (we dont have those details), apparently there was an army exercise and dogs bolted.

Area - covered by Lichfield council on border with Tamworth

Owners Name : Becky Parsons

Owners phone number : 07702766865

Owners postcode & door no. : B23 6EH (91)

Warden Notified : [YES]

Firework Related? : [no]

Becky reported that Louise Lawford was the sitter looking after both dogs.  

Maggie & Pablo and sitters own dog was on a walk in Hopwas Woods when the dogs were spooked and bolted.