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Thank You Everyone, your support is greatly appreciated!

Its extremely rare that you see K9 Search UK appeal for help with funds, but sadly due to lack of public donations we are now going to have to streamline our service and sadly stop providing assistance to many.

We will no longer be able to assist owners who cannot afford reclaim fees.

We will no longer be able to financially assist injured strays.

We will no longer be able to provide a relinquishment service to owners who can no longer care for their pets through ill health, loss of homes, death etc

We will no longer be able to assist with the unclaimed strays, securing rescue placements and providing transport.

We will no longer be able to assist the public with expensive vets bills.

The only thing we can continue to provide for the time being is our totally free lost and found dog service but for how long we simply don’t know.

We are really sorry, but we simply cannot continue without financial support from the public.

If you value the services that we currently provide and are in a position to donate (even if its only £1) please do so via PayPal using [email protected] (please use the Friends & Family option to save us losing vital money on PayPal charges).

You can also donate via bank transfer, please message the page for account details.

Thank you.

Jennie & The Team