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K9 Search UK Limited - Volunteers Guidelines & Agreement - 1st October 2022

Aims and Objectives

K9 Search UK Limited is a registered non-profit making organisation, our aims and objectives are as follows:-

  • To reunite stolen, lost and found dogs with their owners.
  • To raise awareness of dog theft and responsible dog ownership.
  • To assist owners who can no longer care for their dog/s by securing rescue placements with approved rescues.
  • To assist local stray kennels and local authority dog wardens in securing rescue placements for unclaimed strays.
  • To support and assist rescues that help us with our work.
  • To fundraise to achieve our aims and objectives.
  • To advise members of the public on other aspects of animal welfare and responsible dog ownership.

Confidentiality Policy

  • K9 Search UK Limited is committed to providing a confidential service to its users.
  • No information given to K9 Search UK Limited will be shared with any other organisation or individual without the users expressed permission.
  • For the purpose of this clause, confidentiality relates to the transmission of personal, sensitive or identifiable information about individuals or organisations (confidential information), which comes into the possession of K9 Search UK Limited through its work.
  • Breach of confidentiality is a serious matter and will result in the termination of a volunteer’s agreement. 

Media Policy

  • ALL media releases must be approved by K9 Search UK Limited before release.
  • Should any volunteer be contacted by the media, you are to take a name, company, contact number and deadline date and send the information to [email protected]
  • Under no circumstances should any volunteer communicate with the media without prior permission. Breach of this policy will result in the termination of a volunteers agreement


Amendment - 1st October 2022  (DONATED GOODS)

Cheques or Cash

Cheques and cash to be paid into the bank account or Paypal (account details below) as soon as possible.

  • Bank Account details - Lloyds Bank, Sort Code 30-99-06, Account No. 00943407, Account Name is K9 Search UK
  • Paypal Account details - [email protected]
  • Please email details of received donations to [email protected] so accurate records can be maintained.

Donated Goods

  • Before accepting any donations of clothing and personal goods please check with Michala McGlynn.

Public Events & Shows

Amendment 1st October 2022 - We will no longer be attending any events or shows.  


  • All volunteer expenditure must be approved before purchase via email to [email protected]
  • Only authorised volunteer expenditure will be reimbursed.
  • To obtain your authorised volunteer reimbursement, please email your request including receipts to [email protected] including your bank account or Paypal account details

Recruitment of New Volunteers 

All new volunteer applicants:-

  • Must not be a breeder of any animal/s
  • Must not have current or previously spent convictions for animal abuse/neglect.
  • Must not be a seller or dealer of any animal/s
  • Must not have current or previously spent criminal convictions.
  • Must not be connected to any form of hunting
  • Due to conflict of interest issues, we will no longer accept anyone who volunteers for another lost/found or rescue organisation.

The selection and instatement of new volunteers will be decision of K9 Search UK Limited.

Volunteers – General - Amended February 2021

  • All volunteers current and new will be required to complete a volunteer agreement.
  • All signed volunteer agreements will run until termination by the volunteer or K9 Search UK Limited.
  • All volunteers need to be familiar with the following: Environmental Protection Act 1990 Control of Dogs Section 149 & 150
  • All volunteers need to be familiar with the following legislation Animal Welfare Act 2006 (
  • All volunteers are to communicate with local authority officials, police, RSPCA, kennel staff, members of the public, vets and team members using a professional and courteous manner.
  • All volunteers need to be conscious that when in public and when posting on social media they do not bring K9 Search UK Limited into disrepute.
  • All volunteers to give notice of holidays or time-off via email to [email protected] this will ensure there is no disruption to our lost and found service.
  • If you are no longer able to commit to K9 Search UK and wish to step down, please email [email protected] and we will terminate your volunteer agreement immediately.
  • Anyone absent for period of one month without arrangement will be removed from the team and volunteer agreement will be terminated.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulations 2018 replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. The GDPR is a regulation designed to give individuals more control as to how personal data is processed.

  • All the information we receive on our website submission forms is protected by GDPR and will be stored securely on the main website
  • The personal data we receive in line with our service is only accessible by the K9 Search UK Limited Alerts Team.
  • The personal data we receive in your Volunteer Agreement is only accessible by K9 Search UK Limited (J.D. Dhanjal)

Volunteer Agreement October 2022

This Volunteer Agreement is a description of the arrangement between us, K9 Search UK Limited and you (the volunteer) in relation to your voluntary work. The intention of this agreement is to assure you that we appreciate your volunteering with us and to indicate our commitment to do the best we can to make your volunteer experience with us a positive and rewarding one.

We commit to the following:

Induction and training - To provide induction on the work of K9 Search UK Limited, its staff, your volunteering role and the training necessary to assist you in meeting the responsibilities of your volunteering role, The Volunteers Guidelines provides full details of the organisation.

The Volunteer, we expect you:-

  • To help K9 Search UK Limited fulfil its aims and objectives.
  • To perform your volunteering role to the best of your ability
  • To adhere to the organisation’s rules, procedures and standards as outlined in the Volunteer Guidelines.
  • To be able to commit and carry out duties within your role.
  • To have a courteous and professional approach with fellow volunteers.

This agreement is binding in honour only, is not intended to be legally binding contract between us and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future.

By completing the form below you are agreeing to our Guidelines and the Volunteers Agreement (July 2020)

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